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Get the last info about the updates for our BitMex & Binance trading bots

Binance Bot update 3.0.1


We have just added the 'Wallet' button in the bot (see picture), available in 'My Account'.

This allows you to view all your available coins.


Binance Bot update 3.0


The V3.0 of the trading bot is live, with many improvements. 


What are the improvements?

  • New default strategy. (T1: 50%, T2: 30%, T3: 20% - Smart trailing 80)

  • New menu organization

  • Introduction of Smart BTC - auto-trading bot to secure a BTC wallet (see below)

  • New "quick configuration" options 

  • Removal of trailing deviation/stop to keep only Smart Trailing (custom configuration with a trailing deviation but no Smart trailing set have been enforced to use a 100% Smart trailing. Edit if needed)

  • UX improvement

  • Improved connection to Binance

  • Confirmation step on trade panic sale and cancel buttons

  • Bug fix and various improvements


What is Smart BTC? 

This is a stand-alone bot that will trade for you on the BTC price trend. Its objective is to secure in the event of a decline and to try to take advantage of growth. The bot is a medium-term trading tool, achieving an average of 0.6 trade/day. (January result: +2% February: +7%). 

Pay attention that you must enter a second set of API keys via the Smart BTC menu. Your previously setup API keys won't be used with Smart BTC.

This tool is a help to traders who do not want to have to follow the market on a daily basis but cannot replace a technical and fundamental analysis by a human. Keep in mind that past results cannot guarantee future gains.


‼️ Due to the removal of non-proportional trailing stop, all personal configurations with trailing stop will be migrated to Smart trailing with a value of 100. For more information, go to the trading bot. 

Binance Bot update 2.4



Improvements : 


  • Smart Trailing. From now on, you will have the possibility to adapt your trailing stop, to activate and deactivate it. In addition, a dynamic trailing stop called Smart Trailing will be offered and will set the trailing stop according to a % compared to T1 and no longer a fixed %. 

Example: you have a T1 at 5%, the trailing stop will be at -4% if your parameter is at -80%. 

  • Breakeven. A stop at breakeven is also possible, in order to guarantee you as much as possible not to lose anything after a target has been reached. 

  • Buying Range. from now on, we will share a buying area, which will also be followed by the trading bot. This will improve the allocation and purchase of positions. 


  • Improved speed of execution. After several weeks of work, we have completely restructured the configuration of the trade management, allowing a much faster execution of trades and a major asset for users. 


  • Various corrections and improvements.

BitMEX Bot update 5.1



This version brings improvements mainly on AI. 



  •  Integration of a stop loss in the AI. Positions may no longer go into liquidation and an established stop loss will be used.

  •  Adaptation range profit IA. The AI will have a new profit management, trying to secure positions. 

  •  Modification of the display of AI trades. The AI will have increased activity, therefore, the AI results will be compiled and displayed daily at 0:00 GMT+1.

  •  Various corrections.


We also take this opportunity to inform you that we are at the end of the implementation of the new trading strategies and procedures, with Luc leading the trading team. We will be able to share more signals again very soon. 

BitMEX Bot update 5.0



  • With v5.0, Bitmex Bot support a new feature called AI Bot.

As you know, we recently launched AI Bot with the possibility of tracking trading signals based on artificial intelligence. This feature is only available for pairs XBTUSD and ETHUSD. This feature is now in production and Beta phase is finished.

  • API Manager is now able to create an independent API between the AI Bot and the Trading Bot.

If you already have a position at the time of the signal, the Bot will not allow the position to be taken and you are therefore missing an opportunity.


That's why we have improved the way the Bot works by adding the ability to support two different APIs to take advantage of traditional and AI signals simultaneously.

Binance Bot update 2.3



The use of a trading robot with auto-trading function is often restrictive on the signals we can send. Indeed, in order to allow as many people as possible to enter a signal, we must only offer very high volume signals to avoid pumps and dumps. But it was too restrictive.

Indeed, Crypto-Addicts is listening to its community and that is why we have set up the possibility to :


  • Follow low volume signals via the Bot. Low volume signals are now supported. While such signals are handled just like other high volume signals, it is important to notice that Auto-Trade will not trigger even if correctly configured and enabled on these specific signals.

  • New icon. From now on, signals at low volume will be recognizable by the icon ✈  

  • Risk Filter. Introducing a risk filter setting in the C-A Bot Strategy menu in order to filter out sent signals based on the signal risk value. Risk filter value goes from 0 to 5. A signal with a risk value higher than the configured risk filter value, if set, will be ignored.

Thank you all for your recommendations that allow us to improve all our services in order to make your experience the best possible.

Binance Bot update 2.2


  • Auto-trade updates - auto-trade enabled accounts are now able to :

- retry to buy if the trade expires while in pending purchase state

- force a purchase at market price if the trade is stil in pending purchase state


  • New button : « Force Market Price Buy »

- Added to the trade details view section if the trade is still in pending purchase state

  • The trade details view has been revamped to offer more informative insight with a progress and edit log

  • Closed/Finished trade details view profit calculation takes now into account any remaining asset unsold

  • Still open trade details view shows now a handy set of information, including the current applied

  • It is now possible to edit a still open trade depending on its progress state by using the "Edit" button in the trade details view. Entry price, targets prices, stop loss price, trailing percentage and targets selling percentages are all editable provided it's allowed by the trade state

  • Custom trades expiration time has been lifted although still limited to 30 days


IMPORTANT - Value changes could impact bot users :

  • The default stop loss % when not set is now at 2.5% ( 5% previously )

  • The default trailing deviation % ( or trailing stop % or trailing take profit stop % ) when not set is now at 2% ( 4% previously )

  • Quick trade targets and stop loss percentages are now at 2.5%, 5%, 10% and 2.5%

  • Stop loss price, if set, in a custom trade will now take priority over a custom strategy stop loss percentage ( as well as the default stop loss percentage if no custom strategy stop loss percentage is set )

Bitmex Bot update 4.1


As you know, our IT team is working hard to constantly offer you more flexibility in the use of the Bitmex bot.

This update is no exception to the rule!

Update 4.1 now allows you to participate, if you wish, in the Crypto-Addicts Artificial Intelligence Bot Beta-test.


To do so, nothing could be easier, contact @MikadoCrypto, the first 10 will be selected.

Bitmex Bot update 4.0.1



This update concerns precisely risk and money management. You previously had the option to choose between Capital, Cost or Risk to determine your position size, now only the Risk option will be available.

Version 4.0.1 allows us to:

  • set much larger and more logical stop-losses and also to respect a risk/return ratio of 1 for target 1

  • configure your maximum % risk in the Bot through the parameter - go to menu "Configuration -> Risk Capital"

Bitmex Bot update 4.0



  • Personal Trades

  • UserFriendly Bot Interface

  • Support for conditional orders with Queue system to put trades on hold

  • Support of risk management in the Bot

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