What about the crypto-market ?

Hello to all of you.

The market that we have been following for a long time for some, and more recently for others, has been going through a difficult period in recent weeks.

Reading the press, commentaries, forums, and analysing my feelings, I saw a particular fear and anxiety. We had lost more than 75% of our market in a few days, but was this anxiety justified and were we soon going to review the growth we had on the screen?

I have to say that I had to step back a little bit to be able to answer them. My short-term investments have turned into long-term investments and I no longer look at my portfolio now managed solely by bots.

Why? In order to remove this short-term fear and analyse the market as a whole.

The Immaturity

What I saw was first and foremost a great immaturity. Some will say that this is the big problem, but I see it as a very important process and especially, if the market is currently immature, it means that the potential before maturity is still enormous! There is still a way for many of us to become economically independent in the coming months.

What I also saw is that the market has been capitalizing heavily on fears since January. Fear of regulation, fear of crash, hacking and massive sales of whales. Again, I see that as a positive point. The liquidation of one of the most important accounts is highly beneficial for the market. There has been a long-standing fear of price manipulation due to excessively large portfolios. This redistribution is one of the best things possible.

Regulation? How can we have a mature market, with less fraud and thefts if we do not have a MINIMUM of regulation? Do not misunderstand me, the interference of governments must remain minimal in order to guarantee the durability of crypto-currencies.

We had experienced a month of November and December completely crazy. Growth like this is not sustainable and was spurred by newcomers who saw this increase as an opportunity. Unfortunately, they lost a lot.

As bad as it seems ?

When you look at the big pictures (long term), you will see that we a situation of huge growth, which is still growing exponentially. At the beginning of March 2017, the btc was at $1000. Today we are at +/- $10000. This remains an incredible growth (x10 in 1 year) and is the main element to remember.

So here's what I think: don't fall into FOMO, FUD and other bad feelings. The market is low and it's time to invest. Yes, the cryptos market is a risk. If you're afraid of risk, don't go in. If you can't afford to lose that money, don't go in. But if you think, like me and the Crypto-Addicts team, that blockchains and cryptos have a future, then keep reading, educating yourself and showing new people how to invest, what they should do and especially what they shouldn't do!

Good week to you all,


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