The trader's blues...

At CA, we are fortunate to have a front row seat to feel all the feelings of the market and traders.

Indeed, it is easy to see on the chat room, on the forums, in the news,... the positive impulses, as well as the negative ones. But they may not appear exactly when you might have thought they would.

As you know, every day, the entire CA team meets to review the market, news, impressions and risks. In recent days, we have all felt, independently, a kind of blues, a little weariness. Is it because of the arrival of winter and because the days are getting shorter (we are in Belgium, as a reminder, where in winter the sun can appear up to 6 hours a day, only...)

Maybe, but there is another reason for this: the market trend.

Many will say that we have been much lower than the current level, and that in the end, it is quite stable... so don't panic. And it's true. But the feeling you may have felt like us is not a feeling of panic, just tired of seeing a completely flat market, where the medium-term vision still seems blurry to you. That's what we called the Trader's Blues, where you get the impression that nothing is moving forward, because indeed, in the short term... nothing is moving forward.

And this blues doesn't necessarily come when the market goes down, but rather when it doesn't have a direction. Indeed, when the market falls, we often also feel the excitement of some members, even if anxiety prevails. But they are excited not only because they are in the "short" position but also because they know where we are going, and know that it is possible to play on it to generate more profit. When he climbs, it is obviously euphoria and it is difficult not to get caught up in this collective feeling of satisfaction. But when the market is so "empty", minds become frustrated, and the feeling of being lost can undermine morale. And we're seeing a lot of it right now, all over the crypto-sphere.

Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, it is impressive to see how inactive the market is in its range, with a technical position that is difficult to work with. The electrocardiogram is linear... but it's not the death of Bitcoin, of course ;-).

Let's keep in mind this: the crypto trader is as changing as the market, and his mood can recover very quickly. A broken resistance and all the bad memories will be behind.

So yes, you may feel tired of the market, but the market is moving forward, no matter what, and adoption is growing. The teams behind the projects are progressing and we are getting closer to a global use of the blokchain every day. What more could you ask for?

Have a good day

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