New AIRDROP from Volentix

Volentix Airdrop's going to offer up to 20 VTX tokens (~$ 6.6) . Share your referral link to earn 10 VTX tokens (~$ 3.3) for every referral.

About Volentix

A consensus among cryptocurrency users is that the handling of currency should be simplified and enhanced. Furthermore, because of the complexity of decentalized systems, users and investors have had little recourse securing enough knowledge to properly quantify their investments. The interface offered by tokenized environments and their dApps can promote better user implication by presenting the information in more ergonomic, familiar and pedagogical ways. Because of this, VDex is a decentralized exchange with the user and community in mind. Using some of the most recent paradigms and established protocols for security, ease of use and multi asset support, this low friction peer-to-peer exchange abides by open standards and ensures a harmonious and seamless flow among decentralized applications. Through the use of Verto, a versatile and highly customizable crypto wallet, VDex provides easy to use options for security, anonymity and speed of payment. Open order books support integration with other decentralized exchanges, in effect producing a massive decentralized exchange of exchanges, contributing to the liquidity and effectiveness of all the connected exchanges. VDex is also a pillar in the Volentix ecosystem, a network of DApps whose synergy promotes greater liquidity for users while simplifying and enriching user experience, providing comfort for users, and maximizing security of user transactions.

Volentix is rated 4.4/5 on ICO Bench.

Volentix whitepaper here

How to join Volentix Airdrop ?

  1. Go to the Volentix Airdrop bot and pass the human verification.

  2. Join Volentix on Telegram.

  3. Download the Verto Wallet, available for Mac and Windows. 

  4. Follow the instructions and create a wallet.

  5. Go back to the Verto Wallet page. Scroll down and submit your Verto Wallet name.

  6. Submit your details to the Volentix Airdrop bot. ( For your EOS wallet address, go to the Verto Wallet and click on the QR code image at the top right.)


  1. Follow Volentix on Twitter.

  2. Share your referral link to earn additional 10 VTX tokens for every referral.

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