ICO analysis: Bethereum

Bethereum is a decentralized, social betting platform built on Ethereum technology. In Bethereum, players bet with friends and other players, not against a bookmaker with house odds. All bets on the platform are carried out via the Bether token (BTHR).

What is it exactly ?

The Bethereum solution leverages blockchain technology to ensure the safest and most transparent betting experience possible. Players create the bets, set the rules and provide the liquidity for fulfilling payouts since there is no middleman involved. Smart contracts protect funds and automatically distribute winnings based on bet conditions and outcomes. The entire process is fully decentralized, secure and self-regulating.

Bethereum has ambitions to create the most user-friendly betting application and to support it with social virality and gaming elements (e.g., alliances, achievements, leaderboards, chat). Bethereum will initially enable sports betting and then extend to eSports, live betting and even third-party games. Unlike other solutions limited to simply a blockchain sportsbook, Bethereum is creating a platform catering to the needs of multiple consumer and business parties: casual players, high rollers, white-label customers, conventional betting agencies and third-party developers. Their vision is to develop a broad B2C and B2B ecosystem and establish their Bether token as a global betting standard.


Bether (BTHR) is a deflationary and un-mineable utility ERC20 token fuelling the entire Bethereum solution. It is the digital token used for every platform transaction, for paying third-party developers for their games, and for enabling key platform processes.

Smart contracts will ensure bets are secure and not manipulated, as well as automatically distribute winnings. 5% of all winnings will be charged to players in order to cover the cost of third-party services (e.g., smart contracts, data feeds, statistics). Ten percent of this commission will be automatically burned, resulting in a decrease of token supply while increasing value of BTHR. Token burning will end December 31, 2022, or when 50% of all tokens distributed during the token sale has been burned, whichever event comes first.


The team and advisors are 20+ strong with experienced entrepreneurs, corporate executives, managers, marketers, software engineers, and graphic designers. Co-founder Peter Gal is Former Director of Strategy & New Business Development at Slovak Telekom (the largest Slovak multimedia operator) and a seasoned executive with 16 years’ experience leading strategic initiatives in Telco, IT, and banking. Co-founder Martin Herman is a development expert and was already founding startups in Silicon Valley at the age of 18. CEO Giacomo Tognoni is a marketing and gamification expert, former Chief Commercial Officer for a Telco operator, and an international executive with 20 years’ experience in mobile gaming, Telco, and IT. Bethereum has multiple advisers including Philip Staehelin, former CEO of €500M company and managing partner of Roland Berger consulting. Philip is also the co-owner of StartupYard (CEE’s longest running accelerator).

What we think about it

Bethereum is a social betting platform that allows people to play against each other, eliminating bookmakers and third-party betting agencies from the process. Smart Contracts automatically distribute winnings and eliminate the risk of human error or manipulation. This should attract casual bettors as well as seasoned bettors. The high roller section Bethereum is including is definitely a plus and has very strong revenue potential.

Their B2B angle could create solid demand for the token, well beyond consumer adoption. Not only will Bethereum appeal to first-time bettors, casual bettors, seasoned bettors, and high rollers, they will also integrate selected games and apps from third-party developers.


  • Although Bethereum is aiming to be different from other betting platforms, they will still have to compete with others in the industry such as NoLimitcoin, LuckBox, and a number of others.

  • We are not sure how they would be enforced, as some governments have anti-gambling laws currently in place.

Growth Potential

  • With a project’s community driving a lot of the hype, Bethereum is capitalizing with a large, growing community that’s active with over 53k Telegram members, 20k Twitter followers, and 17k Facebook followers.

  • With the price of Ethereum having dropped dramatically recently, a project with their token price pegged to ETH instead of USD can be viewed as an excellent value opportunity.

  • Bethereum has a large team capable of performing the workload required to achieve their goals and ambitions, as well as bringing the experience needed in the necessary fields.

  • Any ico that has a working prototype prior to their public sale is ahead of the game. Bethereum has a prototype app available in the app store for iOS devices called Bethereum Lite includes a selection of sports and leagues.

With Bethereum’s unique approach, they may just be an ico worth betting on. Bethereum receives a 7.1 out of 10 rating.

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