Crypto of the day: ADX

Part of our investment fund is dedicated to a long-term index composed of tokens and coins with small or very small market capitalization. In the coming weeks, we will present you those cryptos in which we believe.

ADX aims to be a the most efficient, intuitive and transparent online advertising exchange platform. Their goal is to completely change the digital marketing landscape and tackle its problems such as: fraud, privacy and the growth of ad blockers.

The AdEx profile allows users to detail their preferences and interests as much as they wish, without sharing those info with anybodyelse. This prevents them from receiving advertising that does not interest them. It is also very useful for marketers because it allows them to more accurately target the needs of potential customers and thereby have a better conversion rate.

AdEx was co-founded by Ivo Georgiev and Dimo Stoyanov. Ivo has extensive experience as a software engineer with a particular interest in the video-on-demand industry. Dimo comes from a background in UX and UI design, and front-end development. Together with Ivo Georgiev, he runs the VoD entertainment hub Stremio. The entire team has 7 members in addition to the 2 founders.

Even if the two co-founders have already worked together and have experience, the team only reaches a score of 28% according to coincheckup. Nevertheless, AdEx can count on their 8 advisors who together receive a score of 100%. The strength of the product and the corner receive a score of 82% and 83% respectively. AdEx team communication is very good with a presence score on social networks of 95%.

Technical and objective point of view

After reaching a high point at 111000 during its listing on binance on 22 November, the ADX/BTC closed that same day at 14000. The AdEx then scored a high point at 24942 in January and another at 27000 on 21 April. The ADX/BTC is currently trading at 9250 Satoshis above its support at 8118.

We think that once the bullish trend of the market is confirmed, the ADX will benefit from this recovery could reach 17276 and 27072 in extension. This is a risky and long-term position but has the potential to triple in value.

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