Diamond Report

What is the Diamond Report ?

The Diamond Report is our weekly magazine. We publish it every Friday in the VIP Channel. It includes an overview of the crypto market, with tons of information and reports such as:

  • Highlighted coin of the week
  • ICO Analysis
  • Market Trends
  • Correlations Report
  • Risk-return Ranking Reports
  • … and much more!

How to read the volatility distribution in Diamond Report ?

The distribution shows how the different crypto volatilities are dispersed throughout the market. High concentration means that your diversified portfolio could have the same kind of movement (up/down depending on the coins trend and correlation) with a relative risk stability size. Low concentration means a high heterogeneity of price variations. Hence, some coins will considerably increase the risk of your portfolio. There’ll be a higher need of diversification but it could be interesting to also look at correlations.

How to read the Risk-Return report in Diamond Report ?

Our Risk-Return ranking report is built by the return ratio divided by the volatility from the same timeframe period. It highlights the coins with the most stable trend (lower volatility) and the best growth trend (positive return). If a coin has 1% volatility for 10% return and another has 2% for the same return, the first coin will receive a better ranking as their Risk-Return ratio is better.

How to read the Crypto Wallet in Diamond Report ?

The Crypto Wallet is a fictional representation of an ideal wallet. This wallet is adapted each week according to the elements of the market. You are free to follow those proportion and balancing. An ideal wallet is a balanced, diversified wallet that includes risk and volatility management. The wallet must also be balanced between short term, mid term and long positions. Mid- and long-term corners are suggestions. These are the corners that the CA team has in its wallet. It is up to you to choose whether or not to enter, but they do not represent a buying signal! For mid term, we recommend following the signals on the main channels but follow them with no more than 5%. The mid term on the main channel could differ as this wallet is our own, it’s normal.

How to read the correlations report in Diamond Report ?

We publish the correlations between major coins and other market coins. The correlation coefficient r measures the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables. The value of the correlation r is always between +1 and –1 (1 means perfect relation, 0 means no linear relation and -1 means perfect inverse relation). It is good to have stocks with inverse correlations in your portfolio, so you can position yourself on new stocks if your stocks are falling.

Trading Bot

How works the CA Trading Bot ?

After months of development, we are thrilled to share our trading bot with our VIP members. This will allow you guys to follow our signals really easily. We are now at the version 2.2, allowing auto-trades, personnalization and manual trades. How does it work? When we publish a signal on the bot, you are notified by the bot directly on Telegram. You can set up the features "auto-trade" to let the bot buying all the positions.

Not all the signals are sent in the bot. This could concern cryptos with daily volumes under our limit (depends on the average trading amount of the community) or because it's a strategy more than a signal.

After you start a trade, you will get notifications about the progress of it. The bot will sell a % of the trade amount on every target depending on your settings. The last % will be sold via a trailing take profit (TTP) if you activated it. Trailing Stop is activated after the 1st target. You can choose the amount of trade. Depending on your BTC balance, the bot will show 1%, 5%,10%, 25%, 50% and 100% buttons. You can also choose a custom amount!

How to start with the Binance trading bot ?

1 Setup you Binance API Key : follow the instructions here. Choose the settings below (enable buy and sale only, not withdrawals): 2 Send /start to @CryptoAddictsTradingBot (on Telegram), and send your API Keys to the bot when he requests it.
3 Check that your Binance account is credited in Bitcoin and USDT (the bot only manages XXX/BTC and XXX/USDT at the moment) ;
4 Activate “Pay fees with BNB” and buy some BNB.
5 Install Telegram on your smartphone (it’ll be even easier to follow our trades) ;
6 The Trade Bot will contact you every time we post a signal.
7 Enjoy!

How to initiate a trade with the trading bot?

When we publish a signal, you are notified by the bot directly on Telegram, in a private conversation.
With the V2.0, you have two options : you can choose the signals or you can follow all of them automatically. If you want to choose the signal (auto-trade not activated) you can click “Buy” and choose the amount you wish to trade. Depending on your BTC balance, the bot will show 1%, 5%,10%, 25%, 50% and 100% buttons. You can also choose a custom amount! After you start a trade, you will get notifications about the progress of it. The bot will try to buy if the price is below or equal to the buy limit +0.15% at market price, otherwise the bot won’t buy. Nevertheless, you can click on “Retry” if the price falls again, or if the bot wasn’t able to buy at the price.

You can select the auto-trade feature from the menu.

What the buttons in the trading bot mean ?

  • Buy : choose a percentage of trading amount.
  • My trades : check the list of all your trades.
  • Panic sale : sell everything in a click in case of market reversal (you need to check the VIP Binance Channel regularly, as we will post any actions to take there).
  • Max amount of trade : is a limit to avoid influence on the price.
  • Cancel : the bot will not manage the trade anymore.
  • Retry/Buy : The bot tries to buy for 30 minutes, but if it cannot enter the trade within that time frame (because the price has risen, or because there isn’t enough quantity (number of coins) to buy), it will stop. After 30 minutes, you will be able to “retry” to buy manually. You can retry 1 times in the coming hour starting from the first time the bot tried to buy in the first place.

Other questions about the trading Bot

  • Why do we have a max amount for a trade ? because it is important to manage the mass of trade by signals, in order to allow everyone to enter. If you enter an amount greater than the maximum amount, this amount will be automatically selected.
  • What is "buy (PM)" ? it is fictitious money on binance to test the bot if you want to.
  • The bot has not yet sent a signal : it may take up to 24 to validate the account.
  • Is there a trailing stop? Yes, and it is activated in case of a quick reversal of your position

The bot didn’t sell the position at a target

The main reason could be a lack of volume. If we do not have a buyer, we cannot sell the position.

The other possibilities is the range of targets. Every user has a different price for the targets, in order to avoid a selling wall. Some may sell, some may keep it a little bit longer. But everything is normal.

It says that the signal is no longer valid

There are two possible reasons for this. Either the signal was shared more than 30 minutes ago or it reached T1. In both cases, it is automatically deactivated.

You couldn't get into the signal

This can happen and it's perfectly normal, nothing to worry about.
We can sometimes send signals on medium cryptos (between 200-1000btc traded per day). This volume can lead to difficulties for some people to be able to enter a trade, because of the low volume, the price could rise quickly, leaving no room for a limit order. And we only work with limit orders in order to avoid pumps and dumps as much as possible.

If not everybody will be able to enter, a part or a majority will. We choose this in order to be able to send more signals per day, without the high volume limitation.

As the order of selection is randomly distributed, you could enter in the next signal, but it is quite normal that you cannot get into all trades.

The bot tries to buy for 30 minutes, but if it cannot enter the trade within that time frame (because the price has risen, or because there isn’t enough volume, it will stop. After 30 minutes, you will be able to “retry” to buy manually. You can retry 1 times in the coming hour starting from the first time the bot tried to buy in the first place.

You don't see the order on the order book on the plateform

This is normal, the bot will only send the order when the price triggers the bot. At that time, only the position will be put on Binance. The bot will notify you as soon as a trade has been made.

You have a different % of gain than someone else.

That is quite possible.

In order to avoid that everyone has the same purchase and sale price and block positions, we have integrated a "range" system, making positions buy and sell at +/-0.15% in a random way. Similarly, trailing stops follow the same logic.

It is therefore not impossible to have a variation compared to other members.
Our priority is the absence of manipulation and volume management, of course.

What is the "by default" strategy ?

If you don't configure a strategy, the bot will activate the "safe trades" or "by default" strategy :
100% in T1
SL : -5%

How to set up a strategy ?

1- in the menu, select : Strategy
2- select configure
3- select the element you want to set up and put the %
4- go back to strategy menu and push "activate"
If you want to stop this strategy, push "remove" -> If you don't put a % for the stop loss, it will be the stop loss by default (-5%). -> if you don't put 100% in the addition of the % of sell for T1, T2 and T3, the trailing stop will use the remaining amount to followthe increase.
-> The trailing stop is activated when T1 is reached

How to activate the “auto-trade” ?

The auto-trade function will allow you to buy positions directly when the signal has been sent. This function can be useful for those who do not have time to follow the channel.
To activate the function, simply go to the menu, click on "auto-trade" and activate the function. From now on, you will follow all trades automatically according to the default strategy or your own.

Our services

What do we do exactly ?

Crypto-Addicts offers a complete set of tools, analysis, signals and recommendations to help investors make the best decisions on the crypto market.

  • Priority buying signals (short-mid-long)

  • Trading bots (that will help to follow our signals and will allow you to create yours)

  • Daily market analysis (morning, afternoon, evening)

  • Diamond Report (weekly magazine)

  • Targets calculator

  • VIP chat

What is the difference between FREE and VIP?

Our VIP package includes:

  • Trading bots

  • Priority short-term signals (up to 10/day, depending on the market situation). These signals are based on an algorithm created by our company and are carefully selected by our analysts (92% of success rate on target 1)

  • Daily market analysis (State of Mind, Market Update and Late Update)

  • Diamond Report: weekly magazine full of market analysis, reports, future opportunities, an overview of the market and promising ICOs.

  • VIP Chat with our premium members and analysts

  • Mid and long-term recommendations

  • Targets calculator to establish a strategy of support and resistance

  • 7/7 support from our team

We also teach you:

How to invest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without expert knowledge.

How to take trades safely and how to minimize your risks.

Strategies that work and are easy to implement.

Cryptocurrency trading tips

Our FREE offer includes:

  • Some short-term signals

  • Morning State of mind

  • Some recommendations

Who are we?

Crypto-Addicts is a team of passionate financial analysts and professionals based in Brussels (Belgium), but with team members in Canada, Switzerland and France. Our analysts have several years of experience in the FOREX, Stock Exchange and in cryptocurrencies since 2014.

Our mission? To help you grow your crypto investments.

What makes us unique? Our expertise, our transparency and the personal support that we provide to our members.

From the original founders, Benjamin and Julien, our team is now 6 people strong. Our managers are composed of a senior consultant in a large bank, an entrepreneur specialist in blockchains and ICO and a digital marketing expert.

We are continuously recruiting more specialists to support our vision and expertise. This allows us to grow while maintaining a highly qualitative service.

Based in Belgium, we are located on the CEST time zone. We are available from 7AM to midnight.

Why trading cryptocurrencies?

The purpose of trading is to make a profit by buying and selling an asset.

A good trader tries to earn a positive return by buying the right asset at the right time and then selling it at a higher price.

It is therefore possible to buy stocks, commodities, trade in Forex, indices and derivatives.

It is now possible to trade in cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market has advantages over traditional markets:

  • It is a market independent of economic news: traditional economic news has little impact on the price of cryptocurrencies.
  • Higher volatility than in traditional markets, which allows for higher gains.
  • Accessible to all
  • No need for advanced economic knowledge
  • Technical analysis works with a high success rate

Which exchange platform do we use?

Our signals are mostly on Binance for the Binance Pack, and BitMEX for the BitMex pack.

Are our signals ST (Short-term), MT (Mid-term) or LT (Long-term)?

We have different kind of signals. Short, mid and long-term recommendations.

ST : up to 1 week
MT : from 1 week to 2 months
LT : more than 2 months

On our Telegram channels, we mostly share ST and MT signals. Our LT signals are exclusively shared in the Diamond Report.

What kind of analysis do we provide?

Our internal process follows these steps:

1 - Check news and patterns
2 - Check bot signals
3 - Analysis of the signals
4 - Analysis of the pattern
5 - Analysis of the market
6 - Double check by the other analyst of the team
If everything is ok : we put the buy signal



Exchange: Bittrex

Buy 7534 - 7686

Stop 7153

T1# 7732 - T2# 7838 - T3# 8142

Period: 25h - Risk: 3.9/5


Why can you trust us?

This question is very important, because a lot of scams exist in this crypto world.

Our business is based on trust. We aim to give the best possible recommendations in order to keep our clients.

Feel free to check our social media accounts :

Twitter: @cryptoaddicter (English) and @addicts_crypto (French)

Linkedin: Crypto-Addicts (English)

Facebook: cryptoaddicters (French)

We have over 4000 followers and no bad reviews.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email (contact@cryto-addicts.biz) or Telegram (@Cryptoaddicter) if you have any questions.

In the meantime, we have FREE Telegram channels, where we post some of our analysis and signals:

English: https://t.me/crypto_addicts_free

French: https://t.me/cryptoaddicts_fr

Do we do pumps?

We do NOT do pumps, and we do not recommend following a pump group. The only true winner is the one who launched the pump, no one else! Stay out of that and follow analysis, trends, news, market,... in order to make sustainable profit on the crypto market.

Are we linked to another channel ?

We are not related to ANY other channel. And our signals are our own!

Our signals are based on OUR analysis (TA & FA), on OUR leaked info from dev teams or whales in our network.

We are NOT sending you signals you could find on other channels. It could be the case if they see the same signal our follow us, but it's NOT our strategy.

  • We have our own analysts
  • We have our own Bots
  • We have our own network for info

How to read a Binance signal?

Our signals are presented as follows :
1. A supporting graph
2. The crypto we suggest you
3. The trading platform on which we base our analysis
4. The suggested buy range
5. The suggested stop loss
6. The suggested targets to be used as stop losses during increase in value or target to sell.
7. The suggested maximum signal period (more info in FAQ)
8. The risk importance (from low to high – 1 to 5 /5, and calculated regarding a mathematical algorithm). We usually avoid sharing signals above > 4.2/5 risk. Our targets and stop limit orders are calculated according to dynamic parameters (volatility, volume, etc.).

How many signals do we send per day?

It really depends on the market. The number of short-term Binance signals we send can vary between 0 to 10/day (0 when the market is completely red and uncertain). If we were unconscious, we would send all the signals we get, all the time. However, in a market with a downward trend, this is the worst thing to do as we want to minimize the risk of losses. Thus, when our tool indicates a risk greater than 4.2/5, we do not share the signal. The amount of BitMEX signals is usually higher, but again, it depends on the market. That being said, providing signals is just a small part of our work. Even when the market is capricious, we continue to share mid-term signals, market analysis and strategies to decrease the risk of your wallet.

What is our success rate?

The success rate of our Binance signals vary between 98% for the good months (such as September 2018 for example) and 71% for the less good months (May 2018). Globally, we are at 80% (figures available on www.crypto-addicts.biz/signals ). The success rate of our BitMEX signals is about 80%. Coming from the classic market, it is important to specify that theoretically, a trader with a success rate of 51% is already considered a good trader. The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that the market is a little simpler, driven by mass psychology more often than by the laws of capital. If we are transparent about these figures, other paying channels do not hesitate to tell you exactly what you want to hear. Be careful not to fall into their trap. They often suppress their bad signals to artificially increase their success rate.

What does the period in a signal represent?

The period in a signal represents the estimated time required to reach T3 in the initial strategy. As this is only an estimate, the purpose of this period is to encourage you to see the position and analyze whether or not you want to stay in position. It is not necessarily necessary to sell. Indeed, if the price has not increased significantly, it is possible that other elements may suggest that the price could increase a little later. In this case, staying in position seems interesting. If not, it may be interesting to sell. The elements to look at are: the BTC trend (If bearish, consider selling), the cryptographic indicators (new signals?) and the graph configuration (bullish consolidation? We keep)

How much to invest per short-term signal?

The portion of your portfolio reserved for the short term must be between 10 and 25%. For each signal, we recommend trading a maximum of 10% for short-term positions without leverage and < 5% for positions with leverage. Ideally, you should take positions at 3 or 4% if your capital is greater than $10,000, otherwise 5 to 10%.

What is the risk level in a signal ?

The risk level is an indication that we share in order to help the user to understand how risky could be a trade. The scale goes from 0 to 5. 5 is the higher risk. Above 4,2/5, we do not share any signal.

The metrics are objective and are based on maths.

The risk level is an indicator calculated automaticaly and based on the trend of the market, the number of indicators "in green", the volatility, the mid term indicators, etc ...

  • 0/5 could be: 8 buy signals, close to a support, mid-term trend is green, long term trend is green.

  • 5/5 could be : 8 sell signals, negative market trend, high volatility.


Is it risky to trade in the cryptos ?

Like any other investment, trading cryptocurrencies involves a risk.

Nevertheless, we have a strategy that could be described as defensive. We highlight the importance of diversification, stop limit orders, we remind our members to avoid putting more than 5% of their total wallet into each trade, we provide strategies to face a decreasing market and for you to have an optimal risk/return ratio.

Our metrics are objective and are based on maths.

The risk is related to the possible evolution "is it risky or not?"
The risk level is an indicator calculated automaticaly and based on the trend of the market, the number of indicators "in green", the volatility, the mid term indicators, ...

  • 1/5 could be: 6 buy signals, close to a support, mid-term trend is green.

  • 5/5 could be : 8 sell signals, negative market trend, high volatility.

As a result, our members gain slow but steady money, instead of making big profits followed by big losses. This is the best way to approach the crypto market : with serenity and a long-term strategy.

How much money can you make?

Our advice is to never trust someone who promises you the moon. They do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict the future. Technical analysis is not an exact science, and it is unfortunately totally impossible to ensure a return of X%. The analysis are based on knowledge, research, information, graphics and market psychology. We can just guarantee the best signals possible and professional researches. Nevertheless, you can check our statistics on www.crypto-addicts.biz/signals

What’s the best strategy?

There is no ideal trading strategy. Each strategy will have to be adapted to your profile, your capital, your patience, the market, the volume on the crypto concerned,... All these elements will be taken into account in your strategies. However, we have a "default" strategy that we have implemented in the trading bot. This strategy can be monitored or improved according to your needs and expectations. (Not yet in the trading bot) This strategy is intended for those with a medium level of risk & patient. Total capital does not count here. - Purchase: price at the value of the signal - Resale: 25% on T1 to secure the first earnings. 25% on T2. 25% on T3. The remaining 25% is followed by a trailing stop, rising with the price. - Trailing stop: at -1.75% of the price. It will help to limit losses. Another one without trailing would be : 50% for T1, 30% for T2 and 20% for T3.

The risk ratio with T1 is not positive ?

The stop-losses are fixed here next to the T3. In other words, it is a stop-loss for those who want to sell part or all of it in T3. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hold all the information in a signal and therefore we have opted for this measure. Reaching a T3 requires time and it is necessary to be able to accept variations, even negative ones (in 4h horizon this can be positive, but in 30min we could experience a decrease). So, if your strategy is, for example, to sell everything in T1, we advise you to increase your stop-loss to -1% for example. Another factor to consider is the success rate. With the success rate we currently have (>80%), the risk is obviously positive.

The market is falling massively, should I sell my open positions?

This question is difficult to answer in the sense that it will depend on each situation. In absolute terms, we always recommend using stop-loss in your positions. They are there to save you when the market turns massively. Now, what to do when the market reaches almost T2 and goes down to the buying price? Our advice is to look at the trend in 2 or 4 hours. If it's still positive, maybe you could keep it. Also check if this is common to the whole market. If so, an exit may be preferable. As there is an infinity of possibilities, there is also an infinity of answers, but it is by analyzing the market that you will know what to do. The best way is to have a strategy fixed in advance and stick to it. Example: Sell 50% in T1 and follow the market with the rest and put a stop loss at the buying price if T1 is reached. Sell the 50% in T3 if reached.

Where to position your stop-loss?

For short-term positions (between 1 hour and a few days), we recommend keeping a stop loss between -5% and -1.5% depending on your objective. For mid-term positions, (between a few days and 2 months) it is recommended to have a more distant stop loss in order to avoid price variations that do not influence the major price trend. Thus, a stop between -5% and -15% seems more appropriate. Too close could take you out too early and too far could make you take the long term path on a downward trend. For the long term, investors are convinced that the area will have great potential in the coming months. In this case, the stop-loss must be lower, the risk taking is greater but so is the potential return. An average estimate would be to take the estimated % gain in your objective, divide it in half and use this value as % of the stop loss. Example, BTC has 10,000, for the long term, you estimate at 15,000, or a 50% increase. This way, you will place your stop-loss at -25% of $10,000.

How to read our Telegram icons?

How to use the Targets Calculator?

Any trading involves a risk. Only risk the capital that may be lost. You will never lose more than the amount invested in each position. Investing in leveraged products involves a high degree of risk. You can never lose more than your total balance.

Trading is only suitable for clients who have the financial means to bear the risks associated with trading. This site is in no way an offer of investment advice or any incentive to buy or sell financial instruments.You must be aware of and have a complete understanding of all the risks associated with trading.

Crypto-addicts may make general comments that are not investment advice and should not be construed as such. Crypto-addicts declines all responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information, texts, graphics, links or other elements contained on Crypto-addicts. All information and material made available on Crypto-addicts is private.

You must be over 18 years of age to access Crypto-addicts.

Crypto-addicts cannot be held responsible for any loss or failure of the client. Traders accept these risks and the possibility of financial loss.

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